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W.I.T.S. Personal Training

World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S.) provides an accredited education for aspiring personal trainers. Become a W.I.T.S. trainer today; call to find out how to enroll.


W.I.T.S. Fitness Personal Training Programs and Certifications


W.I.T.S. Fitness is an accredited educational institution instructing the country's best personal trainers. W.I.T.S. personal training certification helps aspiring trainers achieve their goals by equipping them with the knowledge and experience they'll need to become successful.

The W.I.T.S. personal training program begins with our introductory program: Introduction to Personal Training. This is a 24-hour program encompassing 12 hours of lecture and 12 hours of practical, hands-on training. Students will be able to:

  • Explain the need for individual assessment testing
  • Explain bodily improvements with regular exercise
  • Explain fundamentals of exercise programming
  • Demonstrate one exercise for each major muscle group
  • Demonstrate stretching techniques for each area of the body

W.I.T.S. Fitness provides a nurturing environment for all students. With only 10 students per instructor, students receive plenty of individual attention. Promoting growth and field expertise, graduates will be able to leave the program to begin their career in the fitness industry with confidence.

Advanced W.I.T.S. Fitness Programs

Graduates can move forward and continue their education with advanced programs in personal fitness with Advanced Skills for Fitness Professionals I and II.

Advanced Skills for Fitness Professionals I will enable the aspiring students to incorporate diet and nutrition in to a fitness program in addition to business applications, such as marketing and pricing.

Advanced Skills for Fitness Professionals II builds on the basics of Introduction to Personal Training by including designing stretching regimens, personal training programs, and rehabilitation exercises. Students will lead these programs as well as a step routine and a cardio-boxing routine.

This proven certification program is recognized by the National Board of Fitness Examiners, BOC, The American Occupational Therapy Association, and others. The American Council on Education has approved W.I.T.S. courses for college credit allowing students to continue to on to earn college degrees. For more information, please contact us.